Catholic Faith attacked again

On the front page of The Catholic Herald for this week (February 28, 2014) Fr. John Udris makes what can only be described as a very snide and abusive remark.  Commenting on the example of GK Chesterton as an example of lived faith Fr. Udris says:

“… could show Catholics ‘you don’t have to say your rosary every five minutes to be holy.’ “

This is yet again an attack on the tradition of the Catholic Faith.  Perhaps Fr. Udris does not pray the rosary.  Perhaps he does not find it helpful to his prayer life but I wonder if he would make the same cutting remark about the Dalai Lama’s prayer beads or an Imam’s prayer beads or a Ukrainian priest’s prayer rope?  I think he probably wouldn’t.  So what gives him the right to attack a part of the Catholic tradition that many people do find helpful for their prayer lives?  Or why doesn’t he say anything about Pope Francis’ encouragement just a few weeks ago for those gathered in St. Peter’s Square to “pray the rosary”?  Pope Francis even handed out rosaries to those gathered in the Square.

No.  Fr. Udris is just another example of the clerical abuse that goes on without end.  His degrees and the guest lectures he gives and the courses he teaches and the monasteries he is invited to to give retreats just swell his head into thinking he is better than the person in the pew; the person who doesn’t pray the Divine Office or get to Mass every day but does manage to pray the rosary. 

I hope Fr. Udris listens to what Pope Francis is asking of his priests.  I hope he gets the “smell of his sheep” on him and gets down off his lofty pedestal.  Please stop attacking the faith.

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