What it?

Looks like blogging by Catholics can be a dangerous occupation if the silencing of Deacon Nick Donnelly over at Protect the Pope is anything to go by.  Enough has already been written about the decision and we need to support Deacon Nick during this period of silence.  But he deserves our respect for his obedience and in the end the Truth will win out.

The following is probably a stupid idea and I’m sure many more learned folk will explain why after I write this but I have been wondering now for quite some time why we don’t petition the Holy See for a Latin Orthodox Church.  Obviously in full communion with the Holy Father and faithful to the Magisterium but free to celebrate the Latin Mass and not have to call it “the Extraordinary Form”.  If the Anglican converts can have their own ordinariate and celebrate the liturgy using their own translation approved by the Vatican why can’t those in the Roman Catholic Church who are more traditionally minded have their own ordinariate?  I am sure there are some Cardinals and Bishops who would be willing to support this move.  Cardinal Raymond Burke and Archibishop Sample from Portland, Oregon are two that come to mind straight away.  The Priests from the Society of St. Peter and others who are committed to a more traditional practice of the faith and celebration of the Mass and sacraments plus the swelling ranks of lay people who want a more worshipful Church would then find a home where they are not denigrated as the exception or leftover relics from a long ago era.

Well, it’s a thought.

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